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Stream Your station with Improved Content for Windows Media Player

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First of all to people who are new to streaming radio .. What is "improved content" ?

This is visible when used with Windows Media Player 10 and higher

It makes it possible to stream your content (music) and at the same time the listener can see in the "playing screen" for example your website, a message about specials etc


First of all .. you have to make a seperated page who contains your message

Notice that Improved Content don't work very well :

- if there are any JavaScripts used (this can block or can give errors to the content)

- if you use php and any other scripts different from htm or html you have to

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Hi James,


In fact its very easy to get the .wax file .. right click the link "save as .."

and change the content where needed by using "notebloc"

Please keep in mind what I wrote into the topic on top, keep it simple and don't use javascripts, php or other who can give conflicts to Win MP .. regular html works out very good

Did you made a try-out of the interactive tools on the page ?


Strange that a wax file isn't known at your place.

Its a type of file to open automated Windows Media Player also known as "a shortcut to Windows Media Audio", and its very often used at streaming projects into Europe

The content of the file can be also the source of a videostream, at that time you have to delete all content who reference to

So at that time you don't need anymore the tags to the improved content


could you share the source?
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Indeed James ...


but the content of it is similar to a regular asx file

Those who wanna use it needs still the ".wax" file


For this reason I made a ready to use .wax file attached into the rar file

Change by using "notebloc" all content to your own details, please notice into the section the space after <copyright> etc etc </copyright>

this is important to achieve a right view into Media Player


Enjoy !


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Love this and really want to implement it on my site. However ive hit the dreaded mime type problem (i think) that I had when I first implemented my site with .pls .asx and .ram files 2 years ago.


My .htaccess file did look like :


Order Deny,Allow

AddType application/octet-stream .asx .pls



Ive tried changing it to be :


Order Deny,Allow

AddType application/octet-stream .asx .pls

AddType audio/x-ms-wax .wax



I found the .wax code on a website but it just opens the .wax file in the browser window instead of launching windows media player.


The .asx and .pls files work fine so im at a bit of a loss for what to do. Any help would be appreciated



Malcs (DJMX)


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Thanks for your PM

however .. please read once again the content of my topic on top.

it contains all details who are needed and there has been uploaded also an example of a wax file (see attachement) who is ready to use and it can be changed easily with your details

Enjoy !!

The .asx and .pls files work fine so im at a bit of a loss for what to do. Any help would be appreciated

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