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Christmas with the stars


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Hi All,


Attached is the first of many I can produce, well at least 3 or 4 more. Let me know if you like it and by the way to complete it you can put your own ID on the front end. To help me complete mine for use on air I have posted a liner request in the relevant forum, all takers welcome.




Keith D

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Trust you Alistair..LOL!!!


Great Sounding bed with the Stars...


Thanks For Sharing





Hey derek,


It had to be done mate, i dont have a lot of stuff anymore. cos

all my stuff got nicked a few months ago so i had to start from scratch


Oh well ill be back online very soon... But yeah, trust me.... lol


cheeky me,

Air Media - Radio Production Company

Radio Imaging Effects - News Beds - Traffic Imaging


Voice Overs - Imaging Effects - Radio Sweepers

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