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ok guys and gals here's the story

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ok basically here is what i'm dealing with. i had an internet radio station being hosted by another person. my player that is on my myspace and my website disappeared because he neglectfully forgot to pay the bill. oops on his part. anyway im stuck. i have set up another site on angelfire and i'm streaming the station from my own pc now but i can't seem to find any players that will broadcast my stream like before. i was using the fmp minicaster however when i try to set it up it's not playing my stream. i'm wondering if i am doing something wrong or if anyone has any recommendations for another player where my listeners can access the station. i already have the shout cast dna's and my website up and running. i'm strictly looking for a flash player easy for my listeners to access. or i'll take help with the fmp minicaster. here is my stream info


++ reps to all who help



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