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What's the PAL Script, how does it work?

Blazin 97

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Hey guys I know this part of the forum is for the inexperienced and people new to internet radio & SAM (I am neither one!) BUT I have never used the PAL Script on my SAM even though I have had it for like 8 months lol and I was wondering how it worked. I have heard you can program certain things to play at certain times. If that is what it does, can someone explain how it works becuase I have a bunch of pre recorded mixshows to play at certain times tomorrow night but I won't be home. THANKS!
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A SAM without PAL scripts :)

hmmmm strange ...


There's a wonderful PAL script who can be used to start your TOTH, with a fade out of deck A etc ...

If you shedule at your TOTH a radioset this can be done most easily with your "Event Sheduler"

For example you can load your TOTH at IP top at 00:59:35

to make a perfect fix "and" mix with your Event Sheduler set your radioset as : start file at specific time (once or every day etc) at IP top at 00:59:49

(time is only an example)

A good wink is to leave always a space of about 10 seconds in the "time"-loading of your files .. that way it gonna work out very good


When I have some time left .. I'm gonna make a small general topic about PAL scripts

So ... thats coming soon :)

Hope this was helpfull to You


I have never used the PAL Script on my SAM
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