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Need A Few VO's Please


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In the style of the bellow post.....




Can someone please knock up the following in mp3 format if its not too much trouble.


Broadcasting on Wave FM 97.2 / The Vibe 96.8 / WKLS 103.6 and ShackFM Online - lock your doors and hide those sheep cos its the Karl Morgan show. (Produced)


Simulcast in the U.K. / Australia and the good old US of A, Your tuned into the world famous Karl Morgan on the Vibe network. (Produced & Dry)


The Vibe 96.8 (Dry)


Wave FM 97.2 (Dry)


WKLS 103.6 (Dry)


Shack FM, Online (Dry)


Karl Morgan (Dry)


3.8 millions listeners across 3 countrys can not be wrong, this is the award winning Karl Morgan show on the Vibe network. (Produced)


And now its time to take the rip out of yet another poor foolish listener as Karl delves into his big mail bag once more and we visit sad gits corner. (Dry)




Thanks in advance.


Any help would be much appreciated and Merry xMas to you all.

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They are spot on m8 thanks so much.


I dont use Paypal and I am out of the country at the moment but as soon as I am back on Weds I will join and send you a thankyou for doing this for me its very much appreciated.

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