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HTML code to show current song playing?


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yeah but the great thing about mine, is it has album art built into it...it allows for the user to have a graphic designed and put behind a CD cover, and with all album art put it in that same spot....


Care to share that one Wayne? It would be greatly appreciate it bro!

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Here's The Code For All That Want It, Remember This Only Works In SAM


<br />
<!--<br />
#apDiv1 {<br />
 position:absolute;<br />
 left:0px;<br />
 top:1px;<br />
 width:287px;<br />
 height:292px;<br />
 z-index:1;<br />
}<br />
#apDiv2 {<br />
 position:absolute;<br />
 left:35px;<br />
 top:17px;<br />
 width:192px;<br />
 height:188px;<br />
 z-index:2;<br />
}<br />
#apDiv3 {<br />
 position:absolute;<br />
 left:11px;<br />
 top:217px;<br />
 width:271px;<br />
 height:55px;<br />
 z-index:3;<br />
}<br />
#apDiv4 {<br />
 position:absolute;<br />
 left:59px;<br />
 top:19px;<br />
 width:191px;<br />
 height:181px;<br />
 z-index:4;<br />
}<br />
--><br />






Where I have the Put Your Link Here Put The Link To This Page Inside Those Quotes to Do An Automatic refresh of the page every 30 seconds.


The PutYourPictureHere, put the image name of the noCD Image here, if needed I can create you one. Also, I will attach the CD Cover used in this code.


Once you have all of this code copied, insert it into a Notepad document, not Word, and Not WordPad, NOTEPAD ONLY!!!!


Save that code as _nowplaying.html or whatever you want to save it as, but IT HAS TO HAVE THE _ before the filename or you will be screwed.


After you save that, I will help you with the rest, just let me know on here when you get there, and I will explain the rest

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Once you get all that code and the pics downloaded to go with that and save it as _nowplaying or whatever suits your fancy as long as it has that _ before it, without that the code is useless....


From there go into your SAM and go to Options>HTML Output, select new, and select that file you saved earlier, from there, after the file is selected and shown in the output or top text box, highlight the entire name and select the bottom text box, then paste that exact file name there, and then go to the end of the file name and remove the _ from the start of the file.


After this is done make sure you have your FTP info in there for your requester if it is setup, or whatever your using for your HTML output, from there, use an IFRAME in your website's main page, and use the link to it

e.g. http://request.wnihweb.com/wnih/nowplaying.html is what you would want to enter in that IFRAME, then set the height and width, and voila you have a now playing script on your website

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