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Wailin' With Wing Side Up


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A new racing show based on anything and everything dealing with Supermodifieds is coming to WNIHweb.com and racinradionetwork.com. We are looking for affiliates for a kickoff before the end of 2008.


A few things about the show that will be known:


Runtime is approximately 1 hour.


Show will be broadcasted in 128K Stereo MP3 Format


The show will be run on Saturday from 2-3PM EST


Host Is Bobby Gangwer, the voice of the Super Modifieds and owner of SUPRS.net(if you like racing and want to join this league visit that site and tell them Wayne Owens sent you)


We have a clockwheel and will send it to all affiliates upon signing a written agreement to carry the show.


And as much as we'd like to give the show out for free, we do charge a small nominal fee of $10 a show to carry it on the internet. So carrying it for a full month would be $40 and a full season which is usally 6 months, would be $240 which can be paid via PayPal.


If anyone is interested PM me with your email address to get a copy of the written agreement.




Wayne Owens

WNIHweb.com Owner

Racin Radio Network Owner

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I forgot to mention the first 10 shows are free, as our host has to get back in the swing of things with radio...again the first ten shows are FREE, and won't cost you a dime....if you like the show after the trial period...let me know and we'll start your subscirption then, it's our way of saying thanks for looking into our show, and also Merry XMas, happy new year, all the good stuff, and a way to thank you all for your help to me as a BW member
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Does no one want to air the show, I need to know as our launch date is effective for just after the new year, and the more affiliates we get, the more mentions you get on the show....plus we are working on a deal to possibly get our affiliates a discount on superb web design, and even hosting...if you wish to get the show please tell me on here and I'll get you signed up, get the cliockwheel to you, and get you all setup....


REMEMBER!!!! The first 10 shows are free, this is a 30-50 show season, so you get a 20-33% discount, and at $10 a show that is cheap, and that is how we can offer you a discount on web site development and PR.


If you as BW Members sign up now, we'll offer the show for only $5 a show, so that adds on even bigger savings to BW Members. We know times are tough, but we are trying to offer a great product to stations that need a new show to air.


We are avidly looking to add the show to FM Radio as well, and if this happens, and we have some our BW affiliates on the show already, you know what that means, mentioned on FM radio about your station, imagine the possibilities that brings for listeners. If you want that for your station jump on this right now...


This is a Christmas and new year special only, once 2009 starts, the deal is done and the show will only be offered at full price, unless something happens....


We wanted to offer this show to BW members first, and whoever gets it, has the biggest chance of getting possibly 75% off web design, and the gal that is sponsoring the show and doing our website does some real quality work...


Check out her site at http://www.driveinwebdesign.com and check her work out, That is our title sponsor, and if you sign up now, the first 10 shows are free, and possibly 75% off web site design.


AGAIN, this is for XMas and New Year's only, we will extend the offer till the new year, and up to the 5th of January 2009 at the latest,





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