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2009 And Your Station


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We have quite a few things lined up for the 09 year, we start airing some new programming as a flagship station. I posted one of them in the Shows forums, we are also going full scale with a new racing network that will cover any kind of simulated and real racing alike, including but not limited to, Supermodifieds, NASCAR, NASCAR 2003, RFactor, and a whole bunch of other stuff....


We've got big plans and plan on going full scale with them

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Mee too, I am all prepared for an LPFM filing window. I do not have any equipment purchased besides the music source and cables to hook up the music source to the transmitter. Are there alot of vacant frequencies in your area? There are only a few here so I have to be very careful about which one I choose because they are close to major market stations with monster signals.
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Guy's good luck with your stations.

I am a dj on our local radio station, I have a 3 hour show with only countrymusic and will play 2 X-mas songs a hour from the new promotion cd's I received yesterday, I'm also testing a new internet radio station that will start before X-mas and the test format has 1 old and 1 new song a hour in the morning up to 2 new and 2 old songs in the afternoon and I'm planning to play on X-mas day 100% X-mas songs mixing old and new songs.

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Well alot of shows are finishing up. One of mine is Launchpad or Launchp@d on nova100 melbourne. A good dj Jarrod Walsh is leaving there who we recently interviewed. So im wondering what is coming up in the new year..


Whats queued for your station in '09?


-I'm building a studio in one of my bedrooms. 90% complete.


-Format change to the Sunday show I do in that I'm going to attempt to bring in artists from the San Francisco area for interviews. Got the first four lined up now.


-Focus on enhanced marketing



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