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Voice overs wanted


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Hi guys and gals.


I run a successful voice over studio in the UK. We are always looking for new, freelance voice over artists worldwide to field out voice work to. The majority of this work is simple jingle work and will often be just 1 or two lines to be recorded dry. We pay per job as a buy out. It isn't huge money, but every little helps as they say. Having said that, most of what we need can be done in 5 minutes at your mic then mp3 us the raw material.


We supply jingles to radio stations, presenters and DJ's worldwide and would gladly accept any SHORT demo's via mp3 of your work. The only requirement we have is that you can turn around any work required in 24 hours, or less.


We are particularly after any voice overs who can do good impersonations as well as good voices of all kinds, male and female, old and young. Remember, we want these dry so no effects need adding - we will take care of that.


Voices from USA, Europe and Astraliasia particularly welcome. Just a good voice and able to read ALL sorts of small scripts. Occasionally we get asked to read some pretty rude words, please let me know whether you are happy to also do this work.


If, for any reason I have posted this in the wrong part of the forum, I apologise. Seemed like the most logical place to start.


All interested please PM me.


Kind regards


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