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Dry Liners For New Personal Station :)


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Well well after thought and a spare shoutcast station im launching my own back up.. Radio James hehe :)


Heres a few dry liners i would really appreciate being done:


"Radio James"

"Radio James, On air And Online At radiojames.net"

"Chart Five" "sundays at six o clock australian time"

"Artist Special" "saturdays at three o clock australian time"

"Max Request" "weekdays at five o clock"

"Hardtalk Hobart"

"Hardtalk Hobart" "latest discussion, issues and topics about hobart and tasmania, live every monday at six"

"sms your opinion, 0447338023"


I know thats alot but i wanna get my project up so whoever does these will get 100 reps added.


Thanks Guys :)

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi James its a while since I did any work for you so thought I would help out with some produced vo's. Hope you can make some use of them. Good luck with your new station.


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