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For Those Of you Who Use The BlackBerry Phone From Sprint, Verizon, Or Any Provider

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As the above title says, I did some looking for a streaming media player for the BlackBerry I bought tonight, and came across an AWESOME APPLICATION!!!


It's called, Mobiola x-Player. You can do a whole lot with the free trial, and to be quite honest, you can even stream live internet radio with this application, aftrerthe 7 day trial period, you can buy it for $20 if you like it, and the plus side to this app, is that when you click the menu button inside the application it gives you the opportunity to create a station, and you can put yours on there, and of course favorite it, and listen to it wherever you want.


I've put mine into my BlackBerry, and it works great if you have a low band stream, like 32 kbps, it streams perfectly, not a single hiccup, so I highly recommend if you have a BlackBerry to grab one and list your favorite station, you can even have it in the car with you

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