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New Year Fun!


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New Year 2009 is coming up and its BW's birthday! We officially launched on 1st January 2008 and looking back on how many happy people we have on this site we are inviting EVERYONE. Guests, Visitors, Voiec Pros, Members, Staff.. ANYONE to contribute.


We want anyone to send in your photos of your favourite piece of equipment and a short story (a paragraph or two). It could be your favourite mic, mixing desk, or even your whole studio! Make sure its a full picture and not one taken off google ;)


Every member that submits an image and a short story with it will recieve 50 reps! :biggrinthumb: The pictures will make up a set on our homepage and your stories will be shown when a user puts a mouse over the image.


Hope to see some images and stories in this thread or you can email them to us, admin@broadcastingworld.net!


Thanks all members! (Y) We dont know where we would have been without you!

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