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Liners please...

Radio Bingo

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Hi everyone,


For my weekly dance-show i'm looking for some fresh new liners.

My liners i use for now are allready some 8 years old, so a new sound will be welcome :P


Is there anybody outthere who can help me?

All kinds of voices and ambiance/tempos are welcome


I give you some examples : (you can use your wild imagination on these)


You're listening to DanCity... Your way of Dance Music!


Every week, a countdown of the best in dance music... This is DanCity


Take a ride through your DanCity


Welcome in your DanCity


vote for your favourite dance-tune - post your top3 on dancity@telenet.be


you can visit dancity online - check dancity.web-log.nl



I guess you kinda know whatihave in mind...

If you want to hear a example of the show...

use this link : http://www.radiobingo.be/upload/prog/dancitytop15.mp3


And if i can do anything in return, i'd love to hear it from you!


Greetings from Belgium

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