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SAM 2 and The Request Stuff

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Well, if you are a registered client of Spacial Audio, just put in a support ticket.


They will help you set up requests.



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Thanks for reading .. its my pleasure :)

I have read the posts with the PAL scripts etc.

I guess you did already about everything .. but I think you are missing 1 thing ...

Do you have the "requestproxy" on your website ?

If so .. it has to workout A-ok

If not .. the requestproxy is the proxy / script who communicates with your SAM and who makes it possible to recognize the demand for a request .. it contains also some php pages witch have some lines who explains to the requester if a request is accepted or denied

Visit my website and click "on demand request" and check it out

If all of this above isn't the reason of your problem I would also suggest you to make a support ticket at SpacialAudio

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This can be found at SpacialAudio .. but I know it can be a hell of a "search"-job to find it


So as a "1 time" present during this Holiday Season I'm willing to make it for you


I need some things from yourside

1 ) the domainname of your website = http://www.yourname.domain

2 ) the name of your station

3 ) the complete link to your .gif or jpg banner at your website - size must be 468x60 .. so for example http://www.yourname.domain/stationbanner.gif


be sure to write all details correctly !


Please reply with all details into this topic

When its ready I'm gonna uploaded it as .rar file to this topic

Please notice to give only a real domainname .. so no users.space.name.domain webspaces powered by a compagny or provider

Feel free to get this "1 time" opportunity


Happy Holidays !

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First of all ... I can't do much if I see this at your page

Not Found

The requested URL / was not found on this server.

Secondly if you currently don't have an own station I would advice you to visit very often the forum at SpacialAudio. At that place you gonna learn a lot about all issues, tools etc of SAM Broadcaster

Once You learned enough .. in other words .. once you decide for yourself to setup an own station who's gonna be aired daily at the internet .. feel free to return with your question at BW

This sounds maybe strange to you .. but its my experience, and I guess also from fellow SAM broadcasters, that you have to learn "first" the much as possible about all features of this software

and yes .. all of that you can find at the SpacialAudio forum

Nobody is perfect ... so nobody knows everything .. but when you know already "lots" of things about the subject .. you can ask a specific question who gonna be answered by Me or fellow BW members.

So stay positive .. and become a good friend of your SAM software .. you gonna see that it gonna work out

ps : you can find lots of details at the "help" section of SAM and at your profile pages as registrated user


Have a great NYE !

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