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need some new sweepers for new station please


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hey everybody i took triple xl down cuz i couldnt get listeners to the station no matter how hard i tried soooo i made a new station that i need some sweeps for. its a classic rock station. i just need these dry please. thanks in advance here's the scripts


was hoping for a european male on just this one

~you don't experience the rock 'n roll lifestyle without drugs and std's~


~dragon rock radio - your classic rock connection~


~taking your requests at dragon rock radio dot com~


deep male voice for just this one

~burnin up some bandwith streaming live at dragon rock radio dot com~


~30 years and still rockin~

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Ok Slim. I have done the best I can today. The sound isn't my usual standard I am afraid, someone has 'borrowed' my Neumann mic when rewiring the studio. I doubt I will see that again, so this was all on a hand held AKG.


I also wasn't sure how 'European' you wanted the first guy, so you got Mamma Mia Geseppe on LSD.:biggrinthumb:


Hope you can use. I started producing one, then remembered you wanted dry. I left it in, but you can just slice of the echos if you prefer.


Here you go:

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