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Now then now then now then.... Ahahahahahhahah - as Sir Jimmy Saville (world famous in the UK) used to say.


I may well be stepping on someones toes here and if I do I apologise, but I am going to speak for me alone just for a minute.


There seems to be a lot of requests from people who join this forum simply (it seems) to take whatever they can get for free. That is not my idea of membership of a forum. In my humble opinion, we should all contribute something. Even if just a little help here and there.


I am a professional radio presenter and DJ as well as running a sucessful voice over and jingle company. I have 23 year experience in the industry and could effectively get a job on pretty much any radio station tomorrow, should I wish. I have never, ever just walked in and taken without so much as a thank you!


So, I am on strike. Yes, on strike. No more free jingles from me until some members of the forum consider just how much effort many people have put into the forum. Jingles don't take 5 minutes, especially produced ones.


When I first got into radio, I walked the miles of corridors of Springfield Hospital and St Georges Hospitals in Tooting, London SW17 collecting requests. Nothing else. It was weeks before I was allowed in the studio at all. Then when I finally got to the desk I was supervised for months. I learned by hard graft and respecting those who had been there since stonehenge.


So, when I see people who pop on here with their hand out for a freebie who then imagine they have a future in this industry when they may be lucky to string some music together on a PC, they are very mislead indeed.


I hope I am not offending anyone here. I just wanted to state something that I am sure one or two others have wanted to say for some time. ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE is welcome to ask for a jingle. BUT, whilst there is no requirement to pay, it would be nice occasionally. I had two people respond when I asked for a jingle. I paid both. Don't just take, leave a REP. It takes moments to do. Pay the voice-over something if you are happy with what they have done!


There, rant over. Now I must wish you all success. Work hard and you will get somewhere. BUT don't just take.


Kind regards to all of you


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Well put! I have got some small donations in the past but I also get alot of paid work on the side. Getting donations even if they are $5 here and there still add up and help us voice's out.





Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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