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Mobile DJ gear

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Maybe not the right place, but if it needs moving feel free....


I am looking for a complete mobile DJ setup. Haven't done this for years so starting up from scratch (pardon the pun).


MUST be CD based, and good stuff. i am no beginner (47). Looking for Pioneer CDJ1000 mk3's plus mixer, amps (700w and 1400w ), speakers (minimum 400w RMS) plus T bars, lighting, speaker stands, etc. Always interested in LARGE CD collections to add to my 6,300 + CD's already!


MUST BE UK sourced and ideally all in one job. Cash waiting for right gear and I DO know the genuine artiocle when I see it. Anyone with stolen gear need not bother, I will check serial numbers with the police!


Mad. 47 and going back out, but I am just so darned god at mixi8ng. Only the other day I mixed Vera lynn with Vera Duckworth, never could remember her real name.


I am going know as people are throwing things at their PC's in horror!


PM me any leads. Handsome reward for the right lead.

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Thanks for the tip, by as a very experienced ebayer I won't be buying any pro DJ gear on there! It is on ebay for one of 4 reasons. It is broken/faulty/worn out. It is obselete. It is stolen. It is counterfeit/grey import.


When it comes to pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3, you wnat proper receipts.


Thanks anyway.

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