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Voiceover please (rep)


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Say : you are tuned in with the one and only dddddJ Simple on habbofunfm playing your songs,your music,&& ur requests... from around the habbo nation

Stay tuned in, Get inviting, and send those shoutouts and requests to the one and only dj ssssiiimmmimpplleeeplee on habbofunfm..



Backing Track : something upbeat please

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I think I would need to refer you now to the forum rules regarding requesting voice overs. Particularly this rule:


5. Request standards apply:

- Registered Members: 4 Requests A Month

- Other Members (VP's Sound Experts & Bloggers): 8 Requests A Month

- BW Supporter (by donation): 10 Requests A Month

- BW Staff: 10 Requests A Month

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