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2009 And Your Host


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Stream101 added new user-support forums which we hope people will access. So far it has kind of been slow, but that could be a good thing. It is mainly for user-based support so the answers to questions can be in the public's eye, to not only help Stream101 customers, but everyone.



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We are planning TONS of new releases, including our brand new self-programmed control/billing panel. The release date has been pushed back farther than we hoped, but most of the programming is done and we are in beta testing right now to insure that there aren't any hiccups in the system when it is officially launched.


We are also planning to launch a few subsidiaries of our company, this way we will have specific websites for specific things (e.g. one site for web hosting, one site for value streaming, one site for premium streaming, etc.).


In addition, we are launching a new support system, built in with the panel, and are hiring more support staff to accommodate for our growing number of clients.


Overall we think that 2009 will be a really good year for us :)

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