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Hello Everyone,


As a broadcasting historian and a retired individual I how wish to share my many decades of work aquiring things for which few would even believe regarding music and associated broadcasting items.


With a museum capable of producing specialied internet radio programs irregardles of whether you live in America or Canada or the United Kingdom I wish to make my program known to the world that it exists.


I've had many roadblocks along the way and have a program for which have been told is one of a kind and unique , but again have suffered many setbacks as result of many lifes intrusions, but now I am beginning a program via Live365 for which seems to be hesitant to assist me with problems for which they've never encountered because of the size scope and nature of the program.


This is the baby boomers program and something we baby boomers need badly.


I need to get advise from people for whom will not be intimidated by my program and abilitites to do many things for which few can accomidate.


www.koldpopradio.com ........ it's here and we baby boommers need this very bad...

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I never have recieved a response of a broken link and I don't understand the meaning, but I will investigate during the day on Friday,


If you have any further explanation that I can use to talk to my web-site company I would appreciate this.


Koldpop Radio

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I think we have alot in common as far as Indie Music and Oldies Music goes (along with anyone who has the capability of finding what we would consider "Indie" music prior to The B52s of 1979).


When live365.com becomes to expensive... remember ME. I say perhaps we swing you over into Cyber-FM in NY and you be my Michigan Flagship!


But until then, welcome aboard!

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