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Small request :) +rep +possibly paypal donation


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Hey i'd love it if someone could do me a really big favour.


The thing is ive just passed my trial on a internet radio station and it would be a big Bonus for me to have my personal voice over..


If anyone can do this for me it would be extremely appreciated!


You Say: Welcome to SkillzRadio.Com, You are live with DJ Stevei . You'r music, You'r requests, You'r shoutouts!.. Stay tuned for some greate tunes.


( Where it says DJ Steveii, Id like for it to say straight after it DJ Steveii in a echo sounds for the 2nd time )




Also this isn't essential but would be a bonus if i could have the same done above but with this added before the "Stay Tuned" vocal part, so i can see how it would sound..


"All requests are to be made by visiting www.skillzradio.com and Selecting the "Request a Song" button on the left hand side of the website!"




May i add, I'd like some BG Music to be played anything with a good dance beat to it!




I really do appreciate anyone and everyone who wishes to help me with this one!


Kind regards!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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