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Voice over needed for youtube promo video


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voice over needed for youtube promo. it is about the imagine cup( a microsoft competition). the voice over needs to be clear. Possible paypal donation to a good voice over.

**Sligo - pronounced "slygo"




The Imagine Cup is a global student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world issues. In this video, we look at the story of a team of students from IT Sligo, based in County Sligo, Ireland, and their journey to the Imagine cup finals in Paris.


Scene 1

The Sligo IT team, or ParkIT have entered the Software Design category. Their project looks at the problems people have with parking and in this video we look at their solution.


Scene 2

Microsoft were so impressed with the Park IT solution the idea it made it to the national final, competing against both other IT’s and universities in Dublin. In Dublin, ParkIT continued to impress, and qualified for the imagine cup world finals to represent Ireland in Paris.


Scene 3

In Paris, Microsoft rewarded PArkIT by giving them an all inclusive 4 day stay in a 5 star hotel. The PArkIT team and their college lecturers certainly made the most of their stay, enjoying various different aspects of the Finals in Paris

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Now then. This is the very reason why I don't do VO's here much now. I spent around 45 minutes of my time recording and mastering this. I posted it up and 4 days later not a word or so much as a thank you. So, I have taken it back down again.


Another case of a brand new member who just put their hand out to take.


Sorry, but that is how I feel.:schmoll:

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