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a few dry voice overs

dj jeff tripz

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hey guys!! im looking for a few dry voiceovers, for a sweet16/ wedding demo cd im tryin to put together to give to clients, to say the following:


(in an american accent if possible)


three sixty entertainment (pause) bangin' the beats!


three sixty entertainment is taking you back!


D.J. jeff trips and M.C. anthony m. are rockin' the house!


you're partying with new yorks finest (pause) three sixty entertainment!


Book your next party with three sixty entertainment now!


thanks sooooo much!!!!



anything would be appreciated!!



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if you need these produced i would suggest going to the dry voice production forum..always looking for work there..i put these into 1 file hope you can split them. if not, take it over there and see if the guys over there can split em for ya. if ya can, drop a lil in the paypal. anything helps.



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