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Sexy, Edgy Female Voice-prefered


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I hope someone could help me. I used to have reps but there gone:(


Voice I would prefer…

Sexy, Edgy Female Voice.


Thank-you very much in advanceJ



1)The 80’s 4-1-1


2)This is 80’s 4-1-1


3)80’s 4-1-1


4)That’s Your “80’s 4-1-1”, On “the 80’s Music Mix”.


5)You’ve heard it here first with “80’s 4-1-1”, on “the 80s Music Mix”.


6)Stay connected with updated news of your favourite 80s Artist and or band with “80s 4-1-1” on “the 80s music mix”.



Have a good day!


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yo JD! ok, your audio dude. (oooh, it's wierd sending dry read via forum, its like being naked in public!) (just so everyone knows, his email is down!).

several takes, just very slightly different - you choose - dry, as requested (let me know if you need retakes but hopefully you'll be ok!).

i've done nothing to them other than removing a couple of coughs & splutters & some swearing ;).


once you've produced them, can you please send a copy to my direct email?


obviously, you'll tell all your friends, associates, & the world about me, & how to find me, yes, so we can get the positive exchange happening!


ok cool - give me a shout out & play me some yazoo, ministry, beasties & krs1 - i'll be listening (got some mates in the states tooned in now too to help them along in their workdays).




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