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A Free Trance Track I Made...


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Hi Kris,

Well it sounds great .. smooth enjoyable beat and the beat has a great attack .. also the panning of your percussion is great to hear.

at 3' the female vox fix very well into the break

Just 1 minus .. Why does your track starts with a fade in and fade out of the beat ?

I'm gonna put it into my playlists at my project .. so from tommorrow (Noon) on you can request and listen to the track :)

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I agree that the track can be improved

however into the dance scene there are lots of tracks with even lesser content who are huge hits at Nightclubs

it need an arpeg and maybe some pad chords

Currently, these days I'm not anymore on the road as dj .. but if I should .. I would play that track for sure mixed into a set of similar music ... the continious bass-line works great on the beat and even with some left/right panning (on the bass-line) it would give even a better result.


a Today example are the Freemasons - When You Touch Me .. this track is currently into the European Tip and Hitcharts .. the Freemasons are huge at this moment .. listening to their last "hit" I have to say that they use the same loops all over again (beat and bass-line) edited with 3 breaks where they have added 1 liner sung by a female singer .. seen as musican nothing special .. but they are the Freemasons :doh:

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