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Imaging a Community Radio Station

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I have a question...Is it okay to make a community radio station, of like 13,000 people sound big (like a City Station)?


I have been there and had great results when I Program Directed one but gained enemies from competitive commercial stations around us, which eventually I was recruited by one.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?


We were listener supported and a Christian Hot CHR in a secular community, other formats in the area were:


Classic Rock

Top 40



Thanks, look forward to your response:)


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I don't see a problem with positioning a listener supported station like a commercial station, as long as there is something setting the station apart from the others. In the case you presented, you can run devotionals instead of commercials, though I think I wouldn't be running as many breaks as a commercial station.


This is what I do with an Internet Christian station I operate. My imaging sounds much like a terrestrial station. I even run short newsbreaks from USA. The listeners have been growing, though not where I'd like to be (never satisfied, lol), so something must be working.

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Its interesting you guys are talking about Christian Radio. Our Gospel channel right now only consists of Live Broadcasts from Living Water Gospel Church in Riverhead, NY.


(This Church has a sound system that is quite impressive) so we broadcast Wednesday Evening Services and Sunday Morning Services.


I'd like to see our Gospel Channel be 24/7 ..I'd also like to offer "Local Church" for people based on State/Community/County/etc....


What's both of your impressions on this? What have you done to make it seem to be Mainstream Radio without losing the quality of service of bringing Church into the home?

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For me, I was fortunate to have great on-air personalities with energy...Kept Station Imaging Fresh and Promo's. IF you have listened to Sirius Hits1, they have the Entertainment 411 at 11 mins after, we had a Christian Music News Update. Also, know your music...What I mean by that is in my format, it was Christian Hot CHR, cross-over artists like Lifehouse, skillet, POD, Stacie Orrico, etc, actually helped people, even non-Christians to stay with the station as they were fimiliar with the music. I played artists and similar artists and bands like Lacrae, Trip Lee, DJ Maj, Toby Mac, Zoegirl, Kierra Sheard, Kutless, Showbread, Hawk Nelson and so on. Weekday Morning Show times was Praise and Worship, just before noon was spoken word and late evenings. And on weekends, I threw in more AC hit, Point of Grace, Michael W Smith, Aurora etc. And Sundays was more of Praise and Worship and spoken word. Hope this helps abit...
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