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I started a thread about Laura Nyro. I'll be checking her out more.


In recent years, I discovered how much I like Yo-Yo Ma and how diverse his repertoire is. Aside from his classical CDs, I have recordings he's done with Alison Kraus, Bobby McFerrin and an album of just tangos.


He also took part in Obama's inauguration.

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I am a big fan of a couple of unsigned industrial artist, just because they talk my language of sound quality, and can understand me when I ask,"Can you record it in 24bit 80000 sample rate range? How about sending it to me in Mp3?"


If anyone listens to this type of music, or new age rock, I have some unsigned artist to recommend that REALLY had their act together.

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I've been really digging this band from the UK called Go:Audio, their song "She Left Me" was my favorite. They might be big, not sure...I just kinda stumbled across them on the music charts on myspace.



Jon Bova


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I discovered a band out of Phoenix, AZ called The Love Me Nots and they have an awesome song called "Move On Tight". It's on www.dsnmusic.com


There's also a good band called Dust and they have a song called "Personal Rock Star", they also did "T-Bird Romance".


Left Standing and Mercury Bullet are also real good.

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A french artist named Sliimy, he sing in english, sounds a little bit like Mika, it's very fresh :) http://www.myspace.com/sliimy


An other french band who sounds a little bit like Phoenix, the band is Inside Jack http://www.myspace.com/insidejack


We play both of them, "Wake Up" for Sliimy and "January" for Inside Jack.




PS: mwagner : if u like Phoenix; they made the OST for Marie Antoinette (Sofia Copolla film), some of their singles: Run Run Run, Everything is Everything. U also can listen their last song 1901 on their MySpace http://www.myspace.com/wearephoenix They was in Saturday Night Live recently :) They are french but more famous is US than in France.

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