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Heres my request!


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Hey ya'l! Thanks for your attention to this request. I would wish someone could put a fitting bed under these if it's not to much to ask. Any themes or sounds will do just fine. A little about us, we are a... I want to say Gospel but let's just say not your grandmothers Gospel station. We are but also upbeat and modern sounding but not fast, but we're not a slow AM radio puttering away neither. Somewhere in the middle. Just have fun and whatever you think fits these. THANKS SO MUCH!!


1- (show intro) "Faith Base Presents- ...Everyday Miracles"


2-"Here's what our listeners are saying about Faith Base!..."


3-(the tag for 1&2) "Faith Base! A Place To Be Encouraged!"


4- (Big ID Style) "Your listening to Faith Base Internet Radio, Broadcasting The Love of Jesus Christ Worldwide!"


5-(Big ID style) "Faith Base Internet Radio- Webcasting LIVE world wide by the Grace of God!"



Thanks so so much!It is much appreciated!! Very Much.

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Because you are a Gospel station I will do these with pleasure (I am a Christian). However, as James says please post another useful contribution somewhere else on the forum. I know you must have something good to say.


ps. I will NOT accept a donation for these. If you want to make a donation, do so to Salvation army etc.

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