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Complete Imaging Package Needed, will work iin trade!


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Bounce Radio is in serious need of a new imaging package. We are basically a rock-oriented station. We're thinking we need a couple dozen liners and a healthy handful of Station IDs. We are currently brainstorming scripting for these liners and will have a bunch ready for voice over in a few days. (Of course, we are always open to suggestions on more.) We will also need some production to go along with it.


We are an internet-only based station, so naturally, we are flat broke. We can't afford to pay any money, but we are perfectly happy to work out a trade arrangement: Banner ads on our site, ad space and live reads on our airspace, as well as reciprocating voice over work for your next project. We have plenty of good voice over talent to work with, but we would rather have a non-air personality be the imaging voice of our station.


Please, any help or suggestions you could give in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated, and the favor returned in kind.




PD of Bounce Radio

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I may well be able to help you with this. I cannot do any voice work this week as I am laid up with laryngitis. However, should be better this time next week. Full production is no problem. You can contact me through the VO section for more personal details if you wish, or just post here.


Scripts if you can, but if you just want to throw the gate open, let me have the name of the station as you want it read: ie 'Bounce Radio' or 'Bounce FM' etc and the main style/era of music and age group you are aiming at.



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Hey, I'm Jon...I'm one of the DJ's and do alot of production on Bounce Radio.....to answer your question (since I know paulie is really busy) the station is read out full "BounceRadio.net" but I believe there are a few more liners needed than just those. Thanks for offering your services to us. I'd voice the station but...im one of the DJs and it sounds weird. I'd return the favor to you if you helped us out :)



Just contact Paulie for actual scripts and stuff. GET WELL SOON!





Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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