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indie 93 needs sweepers


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here are the scripts would like to have these dry if possible



indie 93....playing the best you've never heard


mainstream radio says they support local music. instead of playing the same song 13 times a day, why don't you play some of that music you say you support. supporting local music, indie 93!


18 commercials an hour? if you want commercials, go watch tv. if you want great independent music from artists all over the globe, keep it right here. THIS IS INDIE 93!


attention independent bands wanting radio airplay...we're opportunity and we're knocking this is indie 93 playing the best you've never heard


radio for independent bands by independent bands...this is indie 93 playing the best you've never heard


Indie 93...Broadcasting Live from Huntington (hunning-ton) West Virginia


Broadcasting Live from the justified audio studios in Huntington (hunning-ton), West Virginia This is Indie 93 playing the best you've never heard



If i could drop a lil in your paypal I would but I'm dead broke right now but I am willing let you do a tag for me i can throw in a commercial break something like voiceovers done by (company name) visit us at (company name.com) or something to that effect and I will link you your website on our site as well maybe throw a banner up there too. thanks guys!

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