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Greetings from North Dakota!


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Hello everyone, my name is Mike Wagner, a 15+ year veteran broadcasting and voiceover talent with experience in Southern Illinois, greater Chicago, Milwaukee, and Bismarck, ND.


Just returned to VO in 2007 and expanding in 2008 with Wagner Media. Let me know if you need a voice for commercials, narrations, on-hold messageing, voicemail, etc. I'm available for any project!


I'm willing to help out, and looking forward to helping you all with your requests.


Looking forward to chatting with you all soon.




Mike Wagner

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Really? I didn't think I sounded British, but sure is a compliment and thank you for that.:biggrinthumb:


North Dakota is in the USA (just south of the Canadian Border), and it does get cold there! I'm actually of German/Austrian heritage, and relatives all live in the Midwest.


Thanks for the welcome everyone, and looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

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One way or the other .. my impression was in the right direction .. so you have indeed European roots :)

yep .. I know North Dakota .. I have Monthly visitors from that State to my project

The Monthly average of visitors is 25.000 untill 30.000 coming from 65 untill 75 different countries

feel free to check out my project ..

ps : also Belgium has its rainy, stormy and freezing days this time of the Year .. however snow We don't see that often .. unless this season (December 2008) We had a lot of it .. but not that much compared to the North American region

I'm actually of German/Austrian heritage
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