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Me again...Male or Female, Dry


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Sorry I had no luck with a female, probably because of the style I was looking for but this is a new start, so any if possible...


I had felix voice the following, but am changing some of the image of some features, if someone male or female can help me with these it would be much appreciated:




1)The 80’s 4-1-1


2)This is 80’s 4-1-1


3)80’s 4-1-1


4)For the latest news and info on your favorite 80s artist and/or band, 80s 411 has it: 10 past the hour, every hour...


5)This is "Flash Back 80s"


6) The Billboard's Number One Hits this week From 1980 to 1989...


7) The 80's Number One Hits this week From 1980 to 1989...


8)1980...1981... 1982... 1983... 1984... 1985... 1986... 1987... 1988... 1989


9)Keep on track with the # 1 Hits of the 80's next week in, "Flashback 80's"!





Thanks to all those who put there time into this:)


JD Alexi

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