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Sonovox and or Robot Voice


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I wasn't sure, but was wondering if anyone can help me with this as I would like to produce these in a Sonovox or Robot voice, as long as they are clear sounding to understand what this says to the listener, thank you kindly:)


If these reads are not very helpful in the attached, very sorry.

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Hi JD,


I made some vocoders type Strings and Robot

"some" parts are good .. other parts are bad

Maybe you can cut and edit the parts who are most usefull to you


May I give you 1 important advice ?

To make a perfect vocoder the words of the liner has to be spoken into a "slower" speed ... lets say the speed of a regular liner divided by 2 even sometimes by 3

A good vocoder gives an awesome effect when made with 2 untill 4 words maximum to each line of words ...

A vocoder makes a kind of a "singing" effect to a word, a liner etc .. this makes : if the original words are to close to eachother aka to high speed of speeking .. that the words itself disappeare into the vocoder effect

Into my software I have also some other vocoder settings .. from Aztec untill Techno


Hope the file is somehow usefull and my explanation above of this could be also helpfull to you

Enjoy your Sunday !

If these reads are not very helpful in the attached
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