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I think I need a roadmap!

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Oookay, the more I read, the more I get confused.


I need a roadmap, help please?:|


I need to record content.

Can you suggest good digital recorders?

The DH says we should set up a little "recording room" using a walk in closet or some such . . . is that really necessary?


Initially, I want a website where people can get my content.


I'd like to be able to have subscribers.

What is the best way to distribute content that I wish people to be able to rewind and listen to over if they wish. When I sold lectures on tape (in an adult education catalog) people often played them in their cars.

My sons are pushing podcast, but would it be difficult to do?


Where oh where do I start.

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I'm a Cultural Anthropologist and Historian, I do enrichment lectures and guest lectures. I'd like to offer courses in History, Cultural Anthropology, Geography and other things.


The travel gets really old. I've also got now at least 7 retired professors besides myself, people that are riveting lecurers that want to provide content.


We're educators, and we just would rather have an outlet that didn't make us travel.


My sons suggested a website and podcasts.


My style is a "storytelling" style that people like a lot. I've never had a problem filling an auditorium if I do a couple of campus radio interviews.


The thing is . . . the people that seem to be the most enchanted aren't college students. It's adults, regular working adults, that don't want to stop learning.


Being able to link what's going on in the world now to past events, cultural imperatives and traditions, and comparing to trends elsewhere is something that seems to have an audience.


Essentially . . . we want to start a station where people tune in to listen to lectures just like they'd hear at an auditorium. We'd also like people to be able to download them and ask questions and be able to access a website for visual content also.

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Welcome ...

I think that you have to make a choice between eather a station itself, or eather a podcast service

Its my idea that an on demand service on the website can give some good results ..

You can make this free or by making an online payment button

You can ask a charge to it (Monthly, Annual) and create that way a member section

If you decide to make it as a free service you have to be sure of the fact that your webserver gonna have a Monthly higher even very high data traffic.


Did you already thought about a video on demand service ?

With such a service you can specify some chapters by showing examples etc etc

If this can be done - these days it ain't that difficult .. you ask somebody of your friends to record once a week or more your content on video - you can upload that as a produced videofile to a YouTube profile.

That way you don't have any costs, you create a YT account with a typical name who redirect to the things you are doing ...


and to have the best of both Worlds ...

You buy a domain (make that your YouTube profile is the same as your official domain name) and you redirect the visitors straight to your YouTube profile

This can be done very easily ..

Operational : when visitors enter your official domain .. they see the content on your YouTube

If this looks ok to you .. the only thing you have to do is to spread the word to people who are interested into the content you are offering


However if you decide to provide it as audio only content .. I think James (owner) or somebody of the shoutcast providers can help you in achieving the right solution aka right webserver and content for a fair price


Hope this was helpfull to you

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I think podcast is the best way for you to share your contents.


I'l be glad to help you, I've already produced 2 podcasts before and a webradio.


Send me an email if you want :)



W26 Radio<< http://www.W26Radio.com

iPhone/iPod radio apps developer - Jingle producer - Contact me!

PayPal payment ONLY

I'm not a VO but sometimes I give it a try :)

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