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Greetings :)


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Thanks to "Arfa"


For inviting Me :)


I recognise a few names ... and looking forward to getting to know the rest.


Just started DJing again .. (BDSM internet Station) after taking a break while finishing off My studies. Tried my hand.. or is that voice at the Voice over business... didn't last long lol ..I blame the mic!


Passionate about Graphic Design ... Music, teddy bears & chocolate :)


Lucy x

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Hi ya Lucy :biggrinthumb::biggrinthumb::biggrinthumb:


Nice to see ya around, she is good at v/o's as shown when she helped me out on a demo package attached- she voices the NLR bits/North London Radio- and a gret job she did too!

Thanks again Lucy!!!


Nice to see ya here sweet!


Only one thing, sorry, but, I won't be joining your radio station (not in a hurry anyway).... but, when it comes to my round at the bar- I dread how you lot will take it when I say I have no money...... I can just hear it now, shall we have a whip round?


Sorry, but I'll be out the door like the number 5 dog in the last race at Walthamstow Dog track ;-)


:retard: I promise to go away and behave myself!!! Well, at least try!

If I have helped you with a Freebie- please be kind enough to add a link from your own site or blog to mine- thanks! http://arthurburton.net


Thank You!

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Hi Lucy and :welcome2bw: to BW

You have an awesome sparkle clear voice (Y)


Well .. it looks that Arthur has received already his "Artist" status :) ...

shall we have a whip round


As Belgian from the Flemish region of my country ... the above is showing Me a better view on the human being "Arthur" :)

except if the English word "whip" doesn't mean the same as the Flemish word "w(h)ip" - written without the "h"

Ooo well just joking .. however :) LOL


Lucy .. Your welcome my Lady !

ps : superb avatar you have at your profile

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