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Bringing in revenue as an internet station or show

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Hey everyone,

This thread is going to be kind of a hybrid question.


The first thing I want to address is if anyone knows of any resources online to get hooked up with streaming ads. I've looked into Google Adsense for Audio, but they're only working with FM stations at the moment, as is Target Spot. I've come across Stream Ads by Spacial Audio, but I was wondering if there's any other resources aside from just them.


My main thing is trying to bring in revenue for not only the show, but the network my show broadcasts on. The company as a whole has income coming from other sources, but I want to really monetize the radio portion, so that we can invest in equipment and such and expand the network to become a real player on the internet for Stand-Up Comedy and Live Talk Radio.


The next thing I wanted to talk about here was other ideas for monetizing n internet radio show or station. I've thougth about selling ad space in the show to local shops and stuff, but without a huge local following or if they don't have a website where people can get to them from outside the local market, I don't see much of an opportunity for that to be lucrative for either party.


Post your ideas here!!


Thanks everyone!



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Yes you are asking multiple things here but thats all good :)


Firstly, i would try building a reputation around the net before you start getting some ads to put on your station. Go ad-free for the first few months and attract people via that, once they are hooked on your stations genre and type you can introduce ads slowly. There are not many places around the net for radio advertising (check out BW's own site.. Advertise On Internet Radio). Maybe find a local advertising agent or do the ads yourself (thats why you need to build reputation first).


Secondly, If you have a large memberbase, sign up for cafepress.com or make some posters that people can print out. Make a competition for the most people to put up posters. Just something like that so you can spread globally and not just in your town/city/region. Also try internet advertising, google ads are a cheap and easy way to advertise.


Also find a mid-sized company that will sponsor your station. They may not contribute much at first but once your station grows, they will up the offers and give you more support.


Hope my ramblings and ideas have helped you :P


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They absolutely have James!


See, the thing about the situation I'm in is that my show has been n the network for 2 years now. So I've grown to know the staff of the station pretty well. revcently, about maybe 6-8 months ago I was appointed "Director of Live Programming" for the station. So, I'm now in charge of a lot of the live programming and dealings with this pre-exisiting station that's been around for a while now. Even though I'm getting my feet wet in the industry I'm also no wbrand new. These are just things that I haven't figured out yet, and would like to start gettinginto place so everyone that broadcasts on the network can benefit from it, ya know.


But those ideas are definitely a help, without a doubt. I'm going to see what I can do with that and I'll let you know!


Thanks so much!

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