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Headphone Hiss/Wind Problem

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I'm at a total loss with this one, maybe someone else here has had a similar issue.


I currently use...

Behringer Xenyx 12 Ch FX Mixer

Audio Technica Headphones


One day, I randomly started receiving a wind in the right channel of my headphones. I try switching headphones to a cheap Panasonic pair, no luck. Then, I tried my ipod earbuds. Still got noise.


So I think it's my mixer. I go out and rent a Mackie 1642VLZ PRO, plug in my headphones, still getting this same noise.


What's strange is nothing else is plugged into the mixer. Just headphones. Doesn't matter which Mixer OR Headphones I try, I get hiss/hum (Always on Right Channel, Sometimes on Left Also)


Any ideas? Im willing to try anything at this point.




EDIT: It gets louder and quieter at times. I also thought it might be the little 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, but I tried different ones, same issue.

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Hi Curtis,


Well if you are sure that you are in good health .. it looks to me that you are having indeed a technical problem

Problem is ... I wanna explain something .. but I don't know if I'm gonna use the right English word who has to give the right meaning ... so here it comes .. :) .. I hope you gonna understand what I mean ...

A mixer has to have a grounding .. a connection to the earth ... Into the past this was typical to the use of cables of turntables = 1 white and 1 red for the sound and 1 small black .. that small black one is what I wanna tell you about the connection to the earth

If all cables are allright on the outside of your mixer .. it can happen that on the inside of your mixer 1 of those cables is disconnected or has a connection who's not right anymore ..

In those cases it can give a noice and even rumble to your headphones or / and output


Sometimes these things can happen after the cleaning of your studio equipment or in the worst case scenario when its just got an other place .. that other place don't has to be that much .. already a change of a few mm can damage / disconnect something on the inside of your mixer


ok .. welll .. I hope you understood what I was willing to say :)

hope it works out for you

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