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Generic Vocals


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Hey All,


Just compiled some great vocals to be used in audio production, 100 generic vocals available from monday at Air Media


Have a sneak preview to what might be used in this short demo.

Cheers Alistair




I did try to upload this to the BW server but i seem to have a few probs..

Air Media - Radio Production Company

Radio Imaging Effects - News Beds - Traffic Imaging


Voice Overs - Imaging Effects - Radio Sweepers

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AirMedia is top notch when it comes to radio imaging effects. I have tens of thousands of effects, both created by myself and from other sources, whether it'd be RadioMall, AirMedia, etc, and I use AirMedia's effects so much, combining them, mixing them, etc. They really are great. Just purchased the new 101 effects package and I love them all!


Great work!


Best Regards,


JJ the DJ

Jersey's Classic Rock - Owner

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