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Site is broken in two of my browsers :(


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And here's the problem:

Blocked Site


Access to this site has been blocked because it appears to contain material that is either

Inconsistent with the Merrill Lynch Principles or could present a risk to security.

Please refer to the Guidelines for Electronic Communications or call

Electronic Communications Risk Management if you require further information.

The Websense category "Malicious Web Sites" is filtered.


If you have a bona fide business reason for accessing a blocked site

Please click here to raise a ticket.


If you are trying to download software via the internet,

please Click Here to raise a ticket.

Please note that you must copy the blocked URL and blocked category details shown

above in red to the summary field in the ticket. If this information is not provided, the ticket will be closed

Requests will be reviewed by ECRM


Websense has deemed your site "Malicious" that's really not good... Websense is a Major Corporate Proxy Service.

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Looks very strange to Me

I have a normal view into my IE7 browser

I'm only using IE as browser and no other types or plugins

Can it be possible that other browsers who are installed on your pc gives a conflict to your IE ?

In fact some type of browsers can see or read details aka scripts as malicious .. even these are in general used by many website developers ..

Unless on the server itself of BW there is a malicious file who is active without the knowledge of the owner and who can be recognized by some services

Otherwise I don't see any other reason for the browser error

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It has to be the Websense proxy.. it has blocked files.broadcastingworld.net.

You have to lodge an exception with the company to unblock files.broadcastingworld.net :) We cannot do anything except we could move the css style.. still.. actually, does the forum display correctly?

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Hi James


I think I found the reason for the "malicious problem" of CyberFM

Today I received a Weekly newsletter by ZDNet

It looks that during the past week Google itself made a fault into the config of their system ..

The link to the article can be found at :


The text is in Dutch, but the translation of the main content is as following :

The past week a human fault has been made at Google because into their data a [/] has been added to an aria of their config. The add of [/] made that ALL websites who can be found by using Google where seen as Malicious Web Sites because all websites where added at once to their blacklist

After about 1 hour they made a reset of their system

Also gmail was affected by this fault, but the error should be also solved


Hope this can give an answer to the problems CyberFM had

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Unfortunately, websense is still blocking it. I will try to raise a ticket with Websense. but keep in mind, it's not the firm itself, but the Vendor Websense. Which means that "any" firm that uses Websense has this in their DB as malicious

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Well I had also a bad experience Today .. not with BW ..

but I installed during the day the new IE8

Fellow members please don't use it !!!

Everything who can be seen by any browser is not seen by IE8 ..

The new internet experience of IE8 is a real experience ... a bad experience so far

Maybe these details can be helpfull to the content of this topic

ps : meanwhile IE7 is back on air at my pc :)

7UP and working :) lol

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