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Britains Saucy nicknames revealed

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I found this in one of our national papers.....interesting love names maybe we could add some more.




Chubby Cheeks



Sexy Pig, Squidgy - Britain's saucy nicknames revealed


The saucy, rude and inventive nicknames Britons use for each other have been revealed, including Sexy Pig and Squidgy.



Customer insight by High Street jeweller H Samuel found that Britons prefer using original rather than traditional nicknames after they reviewed their anonymous online gifting service for Valentine's Day.

Among the more popular nicknames this year are Sexy Pig, Squidgy and Poo Face, showing that the traditional British self-deprecating humour prevails amongst couples.

Other amusing nicknames include Chubby Cheeks, Nuzzle Buddy, Naughty Monster and Fatty Bum Bum.

The nicknames are reminiscent of Duckface, the name Hugh Grant dubbed Anna Chancellor in Four Weddings and a Funeral; and Chubs, the nickname Bill Nighy gave his stocky manager, played by Gregor Fischer in Love Actually.

H Samuel launched its Valentine's Day service two years ago and has since seen a rise in personalised messages, rather than traditional ones ending in mysterious aliases.

"When it comes to romance Brits are less Casanova and more Carry On," said Nicky Brown, head of e-commerce at H Samuel"It may be about the stiff upper lip and our discomfort at expressing too much emotion.

"Many people would rather sidestep the obvious 'beautiful' and 'babes' to tease someone instead."

"Sarcasm also plays a big part when it comes to love names such as calling someone ugly when they are really beautiful."

Top 10 funniest love names:

Sexy Pig

Poo face


Chubby cheeks

Monkey boy

Naughty monster


Nuzzle buddy

Fatty bum bum


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