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Hi, Everyone !


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Hi, everyone, I joined this forum because I was referred by a nice guy I met in chat by the name of Spud . He suggested if I wanted to get a Online Radio Station up and running that I should talk to the people here as they were "cool" and very friendly.


So heres the deal, We had slum domain provider, who basically for the last 4 months put us through more hell than anything, with coding and installing nuke, evo, fusions and etc, got the staff up, got a few dj's I worked My butt off day and night on the station learned a few things but it was all inspired by My fiance who has forever wanted His own Radio Station. The guy that we were "leasing" it from told us it's yours for a specific price a month, you have admin rights, dress it up , get your staff and basically run it, yet he and his "partners" all had access to our admin accounts and could log in and make changes whenever they wanted. I told my fiance that it didn't sound right to Me.. but I went along with it until just recently I went off ont he guy that was responsible. Being that I've had My own domain and website and have owned it for over five yrs I know abit about how webhosting services go and never in My life had to be subject to them logging in to My site and having their way... I mean it was one thing after another. We've just moved into a new place it's only been a week that we've been here and I talked my fiance into dropping this guy that was charging him way too much for webhosting each month when he could pay once a yr for way less. He was getting screwed. So We've decided to get hosting through another provider one that we actually DID OWN no LEASE.... and could be taken away with custom made graphics I worked hard on away without contact or notice.


So now we want to start from scratch, once we figure out the name of the new station. We need to know exactly what's needed to run a legal online radio station we have the basics but anyone that is in the know about the liscensing , and setting up swcast or whatever please contact us. We want to learn /train and hopefully have a station back up in a few months. I look forward to meeting all of you and thanks for welcoming me to the forum!


Bless you



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A warm welcome Vabie :)


Good luck with your fresh start, I am sure the people on this site will help you as much as possible with the radio side of things... If you need help with any graphic design, banners, logo's etc, then please do not hesitate to ask!


Lucy x

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