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Here is something I put together using a Hipass Filter that I made in Adobe Audition 3, It has effects and music. The type of voice effect that I made is close to the Hipass Filters used on radio stations such as Kerrang! | Real Radio | Absolute Radio and Viking FM.


You may use this on your station and If you would like a personal one with your station branding, please post it here and I will do that for you, free.


Please Enjoy!

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Cool Stuff that Kris. :biggrinthumb: Could you do me one? Station name is: "Threeten Radio" and a phrase I use a lot is "Internet radio at it's best". If you add music can it be extracts from well known top 40 hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s as that is what I play? You do not have to add music, whatever you feel like buddy.

Thanks in advance.



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ok Kris .. I founded :)

its a bed that I found the past year 2008

I have some similar cuts of other beds who are also aired at my project GKRadio Europe

I'm gonna add some of them ... The "g" edit is the same bed as yours

I made from the "h" edit a re-edit .. because the original bed was too long

Enjoy !

Visit and listen @ BW !



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