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wooo hoo here we go


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alright guys and gals first thanks so much!!! your generous contributions to my station have helped me get ON THE AIR! :D now that I am on the air, i need a few more sweepers if ya can



don lafontaine style on just this one:

its coming! the ultimate choice! this could be the choice that could effect how you listen to radio! sure! you could sit in your car all day and listen to the same song over and over again! or you could come home, slip in to your jammies, pop the top on a cold beverage, and enjoy the best youve never heard! the choice is yours! this is indie 93!


many say independent music is just a bunch of screaming emo kids with nothing better to do than to make what they call music. this is proof that indie music has come a long way since then! playing the best you've never heard! this is indie 93!


just remember! all the songs you hear over and over again in your cars going from point a to point b and back were indie once too! this is indie 93! playing the future songs of mainstream radio!


some think fcc stands for federal communications commition. at indie 93, we believe it stands for freakin crackhead crooks! playing the best uncensored indie music, this is indie 93!


todays music seen is all about vocoders ,talkboxes, and glitz and glam. we believe all our bands are stars already! with no vocoders and annoying paparatzi! real natural talent lives here! playing the best you've never heard, this is indie 93!


thanks guys and gals im looking forward to hearing these and throwing them in the mix

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