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WalangProd.com - Beds, mixs and more


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Hi there !


I'd like to share our productions, there are free.


We produce beds, jingles, mix and of course our webradio named W26 Radio :)


I'll update this thread and only this one.


To begin, a smoothie jazz/lounge Bed.


Hope you'll like it.




EDIT: I almost forgot, here the website address: http://www.walangprod.com , the site is curently on stand by, but it will back on march 1st. In french, but "demo" means "demo" anyway :P

W26 Radio<< http://www.W26Radio.com

iPhone/iPod radio apps developer - Jingle producer - Contact me!

PayPal payment ONLY

I'm not a VO but sometimes I give it a try :)

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