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Attn: Pro Audio Guys .. Problems with Alesis Studio 24

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Hello All,

I'm having a problem with an Alesis Studio 24 that I just recently purchased. Actually.. a couple of problems.


Preface: I had a Behringer Xenyx 1832FX, and the Right main out channel took a dump. It just quit working, so I was in need of a new board for my radio show. Something cheap, and versatile.. so I figured the Studio 24 would be a great replacement because it offers a lot of options and it's a couple years old so I can get one fairly cheap (being that our budget is little to none and it's all out of pocket). Well, here are my problems after having this board installed after 3 days.


Here goes:


Problem 1:

My Right main out channel doesnt work. I'm back to square one.. and I can't figure out why it doesnt work.


I have 6 mics in my setup, and I have them on the subgroups so that I have a single control to pull them out for breaks. When I monitor the groups, I have both sides, both VU meters light and everything like that. When I click off the "GRP 1/2" button to monitor L/R main out, I get Left side only. I can solo any of those mics, or the stereo line channels I use for my computers and it'll go right back to monitoring both sides. I don't get it at all. The only thing I can think of is that it's blown.


Problem 2:

I'm trying to setup a mix-minus for my phone lines. Since I don't have a lot of money I'm currently using Skype for our phones, and I was using a pre-fader aux send to the box for the Skype, with that machine's input taken out of the mix so that the callers couldn't hear themselves back in the phone.


In this case the only pre-fader sends I have are Monitor 1 & 2. I tried sending Monitor one out to that machine, tried recording in Adobe Audition.. nothing but a bunch of noise. I tried again later on, it picks up the computer inputs (Channels 11/12 and 13/14) no problem, but not the inputs 1-6 I'm using for the mics. I tried them in both 1 and 2, using the hard panning for either I tried .. adjusting the send level from the channel itself and the master ... and not a thing was going through.



Now, a big concern is that I bought a defective board from someone on eBay. A bigger conern is that I'm going to get stuck with it.


If anyone has any ideas about this, or knows that Alesis boards crap out or something like that, please I ask you or your insight, because if these boards are known to dump, I'll look around for a used Mackie or something or the sort. I really don't have the money to get an on-air console (like the Audioarts Air +1 that I really want) so something like this low budget used board will have to do.


Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate it!



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I have half a dozen Alesis products and never had a problem with any of them going on 10+ years.

Never used their mixers though.


I hope the seller is a decent person.

I would explain the problem, request a refund and send it back to the seller ASAP. You might be out the shipping costs though. How much did it run you?


If the seller refuses (like the ones who can handle negative feedback that just want your money) you could resell it "as is" but it's not your best option.


Try the basics: blast it with compressed air, de-oxidizer sprays, fader grease, etc.


If the board is of absolutely no use in it's current state, you could be daring and open that puppy up and reheat some solder points around the channel (Mind you this only works if the physical audio jack has a short in it).


Good luck.


PS- I see you posted this on gearslutz.com as well.

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hehe yeah, I did. I don't know if their board emails you when people reply to your thread, cause I havent gotten any emails, but I'm going to check there for replies in a minute.


We emailed the guy about the board, and asked him if he could help with the problem.. this is what we got:


I am so sorry, but I am not going to be much help on that. I only used this console in conjunction with a MOTU 828MKII. Using the Alesis for its preamps only. I did find a users manual which should help you with what you are trying to do with it at http://www.manualnguide.com/download/manual-guide/alesis-studio-24-mixer-reference-manual.html. Hope this helps. Thanks


So, I dunno. I'm going to have the guy who bought it for us request the refund like you said, and see what happens with that.


Thanks for the tips homie! I appreciate it.



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Check the sellers history. Do they sell a lot of gear like this? If so that makes them a trader rather than a private individual. In the UK buyers havbe MUCH more legal protection if buying from a trader because the onus is on the trader to ensure the goods are fit for the purpose they were designed for.


If a trader I would suggets asking politely, but firmly for a refund. If the answer is no, talk to the US equivalent of the trading standards office in teh UK. Or a solicitor. Usually a trader will buckle once the pressure is on.


As a final lever, if they are a trader and it can be shown that they should have known of the fault, ie it is obvious, then they could be in the realm of deception/fraud.


Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.

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Thanks guys for all the comments.


We have contacted the seller, and they are willing to accept the board back for a refund. I'm excited, cause I had a person who was actually in the field setup to sell me the exact same board, and I felt bad pulling out of the deal on him. I trust that this guy has taken care of his board, and will be transacting with him as soon as we get the money back for the board in question.


W0000! I'm happy about all this hehe


Thanks again guys!

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