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TOTH "real" beeps - different cuts


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Hi All,

Everybody is in need for some real beeps - in general 6 in a row - who announce the TOTH

The past Years I made these at home with my software

Attached you'll find 3 different cuts

Each beep is made "on" the second

if used at your project please add a reply where they gonna be used .. always interesting to know :)

and if you don't +rep .. say your prayers .. maybe I can earn some money after that is done by you :boonie:


ps : these TOTH beeps are uploaded by Me for the very first time to a forum .. so be gentle with the files and keep them at BW :kiss:

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De rien :)


You know, sometimes we need something, sometimes we don't ... I'm sure some people has read the topic and tought "I don't need that for now". They'll be back when they'll need it ;)


Have a good week end :)



W26 Radio<< http://www.W26Radio.com

iPhone/iPod radio apps developer - Jingle producer - Contact me!

PayPal payment ONLY

I'm not a VO but sometimes I give it a try :)

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