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Hey everyone,

A little about myself and why I'm hear. First I have about 7 years broadcasting on Internet Radio. I've been with a few stations and just recently had my own station, well let me change that, I leased a spot from a host who had a radio station that I used as my own. Now I would like to cut the middle man and have my OWN station.

I already have a place to host from my fiance. I just need to know more about getting started and also much much more about the Broadcaster SAM. I've used SAM the whole time but never really needed to know or thought I needed to know more about it until now. I know the program is an awesome one at that with plenty of options and bells and whistles, I just have no clue how to use them. I also need to know troubleshooting seeing as this will be my station, I know a little but not much at least enough to tackle anything too serious.

Another thing I need to do is some serious networking to get my station some sort of listener base. I know that is a bit tough seeing as there are thousands of stations out there already. I have a few places that I know of that are pretty much untapped as far as any ( internet) radio station being heard.

The station is going to be on a Nuke Fusion or EVO which will be done also by my fiance. I don't think I will need any help on that aspect but just in case I thought I'd throw it out there. So if anyone who might have some time and could help me out or at the very least point me in the right direction I'd very much appreciate it. See you all on the boards...

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Hi TwiZtah and welcome to the forum. I think you will fit in very well and as you already have some experience you will probably be a valued member.


Others more able to answer your specific areas of interest will be along soon I am sure. feel free to browse the various sections and feel free to conact any of us at anytime if you don't get the answers you are looking for.


Again, welcome.:biggrinthumb:



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First of all WELCOME (Y)


If you wanna know something more about SAM, post a topic ... or visit this link :


it contains details about the use of SAM who can be interesting to your services ...

ok not all of your questions gonna be answered by reading both sticky topics, but if you have other questions .. shoot .. We gonna try to give you an answer .. if its not to complicated :) LOL

Notice that also several stream providers are BW member .. so these people can tell you all about "how to stream" etc etc

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