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The Simpsons Gets A New Opener...


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THE opening sequence of The Simpsons has been given a makeover for the first time in two decades.



The new sequence was unveiled when the show made the switch to HDTV on US network Fox this week.




As the camera zooms in on Springfield, Bart is still in detention and Homer is still at work – but there are a few notable changes.




Local bullies Jimbo and Kearney cut the head from a statue of Jebediah Springfield before it falls onto Ralph Wiggum.




Town drunk Barney Gumble is uncovered sleeping – beer in hand – underneath a pile of leaves being swept by Groundskeeper Willie.




There are tweaks to the main characters' entrances as well. In the shopping centre, Maggie is scanned through the checkout as usual – but then finds herself face-to-face with nemesis Baby Gerald.




In the garage, Homer isn't quick enough to scramble out of the way of Marge's car and gets ploughed through the wall into the house.



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