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Few dry reads please :)

Blazin 97

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Hey Guys!


I'm in need of some new imaging...


"Your hit music lives here! 99.9 The Beat!"


"Now playing the best of hip hop AND hit music! 99.9 The Beat!"


"Boston's Hitz and Hip Hop! The new and improved 99.9 The Beat!"


"Got a request? Then hit up 999thebeat dot net and tell us what you wanna hear! Then listen, because 99.9 The Beat plays what YOU wanna hear!"

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did these in a rough style voice all dry. ive heard the rough style voice on hip hop stations before. so here ya go. again all dry no music. enjoy. if you decide to use these, please let me know. im not conceded or anything, i just like to hear it in the mix.



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