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Whats best? A deep voice or a perfectly toned voice?


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Could you rephrase the question?

The word "best" is where I fumble...

I will try and answer as "best" as I can....haha!


If a voice is too deep, it can get swallowed up by the bed running through the track. It is the combination of depth, resonance and articulation.

The reason Don LaFontaine's voice was so ideal for trailers was not how deep it was or what tone/pitch he hit.

What made it work was that slight, sharp rasp that was able to cut through explosions, orchestral swells, screams, revving engines, etc. That crisp edge that encapsulated the deeper tones he produced could be heard above all the noise in the bed of a movie trailer.


The deep male voice is still very much in demand (lucky me) but try using it to sell tampons...not the best choice.


The voice that is best is the voice that is best.

Every gig is different.

Commercial Voice Over work is only 10% of the industry.

There is a lot of room for a lot of different voices.

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